Monday, 1 July 2013

[News] Kpop Rookie BTOB Falls Victim To Stalker Fans

[News] Kpop Rookie BTOB Falls Victim To Stalker Fans

A week ago, many apologies have been passed toward the fans from rookie idol group BTOB and though there is much confusion as to what exactly has happened, there are big pictures things that have come into clarity

The issues that resulted in BTOB having to apologize to their fans had been something escalating in the background for a while. After much research, it has been found out that BTOB has a tendency to be a little too friendly with their fans. What I mean by that is that when they see fans who they can already recognize due to the frequency of their meetings, may this be in music shows or signings, the group have deemed it appropriate to keep the fans on a first name basis kind of closeness.

On the fan cafes for BTOB, the fans were instructed by the Cube Entertainment staff to be unruly in their discussions which is pretty reasonable considering the public space of the café and how it is for everyone involved in that fandom. There was also another request that gift be sent to the staff so that they could send those gifts to the idols. But these were only the tip of the iceberg since it was also discovered that there were certain patrons who ran the café a certain way or decided how music show attendances would go considering that they "knew the boys first hand now" or because they're close.

Through this kind of behavior, the fan café shut down. A fake Twitter account was also created under BTOB member, Changsub's name, which was used to harass fans and other members of the band. It was at this point that the staff as well as the group knew that measures had to be taken.

This is not something that has never been heard of before in the Kpop industry. Many stalker fans have been featured for being ruthless in their attempts to place their idols desires ahead of their own and it can be quite disturbing to witness. Although some of the blame is being put on BTOB as well since consensus was if they weren't so friendly to those certain fans, no level of authority would have been built.

What do you guys think? How close should idols be with their fans?

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