Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Who's Going to College This Year? Idol Stars Taking The Test Are?

The 2014 College Scholastic Ability Test season has begun in Korea, and much attention is being given as to which idol is choosing to go to college. The nationally standardized CSAT is the test that determines college eligibility.

Most of the qualifying CSAT test takers this year are high school seniors born in 1995. This year, much more male idol stars are eligible than the girl groups. Regardless, many idol stars are choosing to be entertainers rather than students and forgoing the testing process.

Some stars have taken their graduation tests early and qualify for the CSAT. Some stars, such as A Pink's Naeun, have already gained acceptance to college by early private decisions.

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As f(x)'s Sulli and Miss A's Suzy did last year, many idol stars are forgoing the college process altogether. Their decision is based on the fact that despite their acceptance, they will not be able to attend schools with regularity. It's a wise decision because they will be able to continue their education after their careers have progressed further.

VIXX's Hyuk and Topp Dogg's Yano are two stars that forwent the process. They were not qualified to take the CSAT because they were not academically eligible. B.A.P.'s Jong Up took the CSAT last year but chose to not pursue higher education for the time being.

2NE1's Minzy, F-ve Dolls' Eunkyo, and C-Real's Ann J are all qualified for the CSAT, but they are not considering college education at the time.

HELLOVENUS' Yooyoung is also an idol star that is choosing to continue her career as an actress and an idol star. Pledis Entertainment, HELLO VENUS' company, stated that Yooyoung's busy schedule will conflict with a pursuit of college education, but it is not completely out of the picture for Yooyoung.

One of the reasons for a lack of idol stars taking the CSAT can be attributed to the lack of stars born in 1995. Consider EXO, who has 12 members that do not qualify for the CSAT this year.

Of course, there are those stars who are choosing to choose both a healthy career and a higher education. BTOB's Yook Sungjae is confirmed to take the upcoming CSAT. After his appereance as Ko Ara's little brother on the tvN drama "Respond 1994", he is looking forward to continuing his study of acting at a higher institute. He has previously attended a high school that specialized in the arts.

SPEED's Sungmin and F-ve Dolls' Hyewon are taking the CSAT as well. Their respective entertainment companies stated that their school attendance will be based on the results of the CSAT and which school they choose to attend based on that result.

A Pink's Namju and Boyfriend's Minwoo, Young Min, and Kwangmin all attend the same school and are all choosing to take the CSAT. MYNAME's ChaeJin is also preparing to take the CSAT with an emphasis on music application.

Another route that idol stars are taking to attend college is the private decision. This is based on the prerogative of each school to admit a few students each year based on their accomplishments or special talents without the need to factor in the results of the CSAT. As mentioned previously, Apink's Naeun, as well as Nu'EST's Ren, JR, Baekho, and Minhyun were all accepted to Dongkuk University's acting program via private decision. B1A4's Sandeul was accepted to Myungji University's Movies and Musical program. 

Photo credit: Star News

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