Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Inspire Me 1997 (Or Possibly Beyond)

Ah yes, a time of videotapes, bulky televisions and fax modems. Judging from how most have fallen in love with the very show that inspired the title of this article, most of us do have a soft spot for things from the past. A time when technology was thankfully a step behind, or the good feelings we have about a time when life was that little bit less fast paced or more innocent, make for such nice warm fuzzy feelings.

Viewed from another perspective though, the explosion in K-pop songs, dances or fashions which draw inspiration (or take liberally) from the past could just be another way of showing that trends are but cyclical in nature. A good example would be what was cool in the 80s, where large mobile phones, Filofaxes and expensive German cars were the things that were in vogue.

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