Wednesday, 12 June 2013

[News] Concerned BTOB's Changsub cutely scolds their Melodies

[News] Concerned BTOB's Changsub cutely scolds their Melodies

BTOB's Changsub expresses his deep concern towards their fans. On June 2, he wrote on his twitter account,

"To all Melodies that are waiting outside our company even late at night, I really appreciate your thoughts however please be careful. Recently, the streets are very dangerous especially at night. I will only feel relieve if you have a car that can take you home. Anytime and anywhere, please always take care in everything around you, do you understand^^?- L C S"

By this simple gesture, fans couldn't hide their feelings and expressed, "Oppa I'm so touched. I will promise that I'll be careful.","We shouldn't stay late at night.","Thank you and we understand.","Oppa seems like my father scolding me haha." and so on.

Source: Changsub's twitter

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