Thursday, 13 June 2013

Twin Zone: Seo In Guk and BTOB’s Sungjae

Seo In Guk and BTOB Sungjae

I know, right? Who would have thought that someone else actually looked like Seo In Guk. He has striking, yet unique facial features which are surprisingly shared by BTOB’s (Born to Beat) youngest member Sungjae! Both guys have a small, squishy face, wide set eyes, and the same mouth shape, and smile. Granted, Seo In Guk looks more mature, but that’s because he’s 25 years old, and Sungjae is a fresh-faced 17 year old. In this case, I wont say they look just like twins, but they sure do look like brothers, right?

Seo In Guk and BTOB Sungjae

Seo In Guk and BTOB Sungjae

Check out BTOB’s “Wow” MV below to see just how much Sungjae looks like Seo In Guk. Sungjae is the first singer after Ilhoon’s intro rap. Oh yah! Do not blame me if you become addicted to this song! (-_-)

[embedded content]

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